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An overview of legal compliance and operational performance

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The aim of this course is to better equip Presbyterians in Queensland to govern their church – as a whole and as expressed in congregations, presbyteries, the Assembly, and its many other expressions. Students who have completed this course should have an introductory knowledge of the commonwealth regulatory framework that applies to churches and other religious charities in Australia. They should also have an introduction to using those compliance obligations as a foundation for improving the performance of their organisation.

Subject objectives

A student who has successfully completed this course should have an introductory understanding:

  • of the role of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (‘ACNC’);
  • the ACNC governance standards;
  • the ACNC external conduct standards;
  • fiduciary duties and the rights and obligations of members of religious charities generally (as distinct from as set out the Code); 
  • Director’s duties as they apply in the context of a religious charity; and,
  • the way in which these compliance obligations can provide a foundation for improved performance.